30 October 2008

Royal hair

I didn't put Ella's hair up as usual yesterday. Nothing to do with wanting to make a fashion statement. She was so uncooperative that morning that - when she would not stand still to let me brush her hair - I refused to waste any more time on getting her ready to go.

As I was cooking dinner last night, Ella wandered into the kitchen and thoughtfully said:

Ella - Mum, I think I'm turning into a princess.
Me [trying not to laugh] - You think you're turning into a princess?!
Ella - Yes. Because my hair is growing so long. That's why I am going to be a princess.

Why oh why did I not make that hair dresser's apointment when she seemed happy to have her hair cut to shoulder lenght, like her best friend's? Now she seems convinced that her hair will be her ticket to becoming royalty, I have definitely missed that window of opportunity.


jeanie said...

lol - its amazing how things said at childcare can come back.

Neet said...

Ah Lin, your blog is so incredibly amusing!! I can't get over the hilarious things that Ella says... I think made more hilarious from the way you 'tell it like it is' with her. I'm always impressed that you can recall the funny conversations too. At the day care centre so many funny things would be said during the day, but I would never be able to recall them at the end of the day.

One story I do recall was from the hens night when I was playing with Ella in the garden in the dark..
E- I'm not scared of the dark, because the monsters are scared of pretty things, and my dress is pretty.
E-The monsters aren't scared of my jumper though.
Me - Oh, but I think your jumper's pretty
E- The monsters don't think so!

Hehe... I love that it was the monsters, not Ella who didn't think her jumper was pretty. She does have great logic!

Can't wait to have some quality time with you guys at the coast weekend after this one!

Hugs, Neet

Lin said...

Thanks Neet!

And for every story that I manage to jot down, there's at least 5 others that I forget.

I love that conversation about the monsters and the jumper. I have not had the heart to make her wear that jumper since then. :)

Rinkelbel said...

It's really fine to read thit conversation!
And i like her idea
Becaus i'm a princess to when i'm a princess when i have long hairs