27 October 2008

Self-esteem is not an issue

As I was carrying Ella to bed after a long day:

Ella - No one is as beautiful as me!
Me - Oh, I think there are kids that are as beautiful as you, Ella.
Ella - Na-ah!
Me - I'm sure there are kids that are as beautiful as you.
Ella - Na-ah! Because they don't have this pretty dress.
Me - There are other kids with the same dress, you know. They can buy it at the shop.
Ella - But then they won't know the right size!
Ella and me simultaneously - But they can try it on.
Ella - And then they have to make sure it is this long. [Gets up to show where the hem of the dress is]

I think it is going to take a little while longer for her to realise that she is not god.

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