20 November 2007

Hide and seek

Ella: Mum, let's play hide and seek.
Me (somewhat reluctant to move from my comfortable seat): Er... ok.
Ella: You hide here, where I can find you.
Me: No problem!

She went out and then peered around the door post until I yelled "You found me!".

My kind of game...

I did try a real game after that, but she started sounding a bit distressed when she couldn't immediately find me so I had to give vocal cues. When it was her turn, she hid in exactly the same spot where I hid (while I was watching her) and when it was my turn again she tried to tell me where to hide. I remember this well from my babysitting years but it's still funny.


the godmother said...


I look forward to playing this game with Ella - with a comfy spot on the couch and a glass of wine :)

jeanie said...

ha ha - I remember when hide and seek was so easy.