12 November 2007

True colours

A book that has been one of Ella's favourites for a long time is Dr. Seuss' 'Go dog go'. The text has lots of references to different coloured dogs in it.

For some reason they used this old style colour scheme throughout the book. About a year ago I had to go through the book and on every page colour the dogs that appeared in pastel pink, but were referred to in the text as red with a red texter because Ella refused to identify them as red dogs and got visibly confused.

Yesterday we read the book again after a bit of a break from it and I discovered that I will now have to edit the book with a black texter because the so called black dogs are more a charcoal grey and my nitpicking child will not accept them being called black!

It is utterly useless to talk to a 3 year old about the downsides of being a perfectionist as they clearly all suffer of a form of obsessive compulsive disorder anyway at that age.

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