04 November 2007


We had this conversation after Ella had persuaded me to go and put the Dora the Explorer DVD on for her.

Ella - Dora has a baby.
Me - Does she?
Ella - Yeah, she has a baby in her tummy.
Me - No she hasn't.
Ella - Yes she has. I have a baby in my tummy too.
Me - How did the baby get in your tummy. [Holding my breath for the reply.]
Ella - I don't know. [Phew!] The baby's in my tummy and then he's going to come out. And he can't walk now. When he can walk he's going to come out.
Me - So when is he going to come out?
Ella - The baby's going to come out in TWO minutes! [Looks slightly puzzled at me cracking up laughing]
No, no, in THREE minutes. The baby's going to come out of my tummy in three more minutes. [Still puzzled at me laughing even harder]
He's so cute. I'm going to give him a kiss.
And then he can watch tv. I will put him on my lap and then he can watch tv.
He can sit on the couch and watch tv. He's going to stand up, but I will put him down and then he can sit and watch Dora.

Three minutes passed, but the baby wasn't mentioned again.


the godmother said...

priceless! a 3 minute gestation...:))

so chels is also a big dora fan and she too is always talking about the babies in her tummy (which I found slightly creepy coming from a 3 yr old) - what is dora teaching them??

Lin said...

I think the Dora link is purely coincidental. There's quite a few pregnant mothers at daycare, so I assume they've been talking about babies in tummies there. Fortunately without adding too much detail at this stage!