22 November 2007

Traffic solutions

This morning in the car I was muttering about the traffic congestion. This conversation followed.

Ella: Mum, what were you saying?
Me: I was just saying that we should have gone another way because it's so busy here. There's too many cars.
Ella: A bulldozer could push the cars away.

Her other suggestion to make us move through traffic faster was that someone should cut the traffic ligths off with a knife so we wouldn't have to stop.

All very helpful suggestions! I should get her to write to the traffic authority with this advice.

Also, between that first and second suggestion came a long monologue which I mostly missed because I was trying to cross 2 lanes in bumper to bumper traffic. I only caught the last sentence which was: "And I don't like fairy cars because I'm a fairy." Huh?

1 comment:

jeanie said...

Ah yes - my dd could not understand why we could not just go through when traffic was bad!

I love her imagination.