26 November 2007


I had a little mirconap afer we got home from work/daycare. And was being encouraged by Ella to do so, which was a bit suss.

When I woke up I found she'd put all the shopping away. What a nice surprise.

And she also left me this artwork on the kitchen wall:

So after a short stint in the naughty corner:

(I am glad I took a photo though, because I really did quite like it.)


jeanie said...

Hmmm - what was the medium that she used there? I do hope it was easy to clean off - she does look an angel (I know she is not)!

Lin said...

lol, it's just watercolour paint! And it came off without hassles, which greatly reduced the initial anxiety I felt when I laid eyes on it.

Neet said...

hehehe... that's so much cute! (probably easier to think it's cute when it's not my kitchen wall!!)