07 November 2007

More on friends

Today, as I walked across the courtyard at daycare to get Ella's bag, I overheard some of the toddlers having a conversation about friends.

A (to L) - Are you my friend?
L - No, because I'm B's friend.
A - I'm B's friend too!
B - No you're not!
A - Nobody is my friend! I have to have friends too!

So a bit later when I spotted A in the sandpit where I was waiting for Ella to finish making her birthday sandcake so we could go, I asked Ella if A was her friend. When she responded postively I asked her if she could go tell A she was her friend, because A was a bit sad.

So my little elf walks up to A, patiently waits till A has stopped talking loudly about someting else before she says softly but clearly, leaning towards A and tenderly touching her arm - "I am your friend, A".

A - You are not my friend! D is my friend.
Ella - Mum! She says I'm not her friend!
Me - That's ok sweetie, you have lots of other friends.

That is the first and the last time that I will get involved in preschool politics!


jeanie said...

Ahhh - its a dicey world, playground politics - definitely not for the parents of children!

Good on your daughter for bouncing back so well!

Neet said...

Hehehe!!! Sounds like every day at work!! I love it. They crack me up all the time!